Welcome back to Yoga.

Back in my gym bunny days before I discovered my love of the open road, I used to go to a once a week yoga class at my gym. I loved the stretch, but I remember my weak arms and legs getting the better of me from time to time.  Believe it or not, even though I’m in far better shape than I was back then, I am far less flexible.


On Monday night the girls and I went to a yoga class. This was my first class in over 2 years. While I was excited to get my yoga mat out from under my weights and off of my living room floor, I was also very nervous.

We lucked out for our first time back at it. The class was great. The instructor was very enthusiastic, her moves were beginner enough that none of us tried to hurt themselves. keeping up. Although I will admit to being that awkward person looking up and around to make sure I’m doing some variation of the right thing.

I was impressed with my arm & leg strength this time around. I’ve built some solid legs to stand on the past couple years of running. What I didn’t factor in is how tired they would get after only a few seconds of trying to balance. As far as flexibility goes… I am not. Wow. I’m going to blame my stiff thigh and calf muscles for putting a real damper on things. Any time I’d need to bend and touch the group with some variation of a straight leg… no bueno. I mean, I always knew I needed to stretch better, but this was a harsh reminder!

We’re going to try and make it a weekly thing. Not only for the relief to my muscles, but for the relief to my stressed out mind. Which both frightens and excites me.

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One Response to Welcome back to Yoga.

  1. Christine says:

    So happy to see you back on the blogosphere!! <3
    Also, Yoga is amazing–and it's crazy to see what the body can endure and not endure. Right now I'm on a two going on three week no gym and no Yoga and no running since I tweaked out my leg, lower back, and hip at work. =[

    I think it's great that you're going to go once a week. I find that it does wonders for my running and helps me from cramping!

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